Wouter bouwman vriendin
Wouter bouwman vriendin

Wouter bouwman vriendin /\ Wouter Bouwman works as a radio maker for NPO Radio 1 on behalf of the BNNVARA radio station network.

Taking his initial steps into the radio business in 2015, Bouwman hosted the weekly sports programme Competition Rhythm on the local station AmsterdamFM. After a year, he was accepted into the BNNVARA Academy.

In 2017, he hosted the nightly programme De Wereld van BNNVARA on NPO Radio 1 for a period of years, which was followed by the programme GAAN!

He has been the host and columnist of the sports programme BVSC since 2018, and he can also be heard on the radio programme De Nieuws BV. He is also the editor-in-chief of the radio programme Bureau Sport.

Bouwman will be nominated for the Marconi Talent Award in 2020, which will ultimately be won by Sophie Hijlkema, and will be nominated for the Marconi Talent Award in 2020. ( 3FM ).

In the year 2021, he produced a podcast on the football club Almere City In the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics, he and Suse van Kleef will co-host the Radio Olympia show on NPO Radio 1, which will broadcast from 02:00 to 06:00.

“Because business intelligence places you in the heart of an organisation, you may take use of the most up-to-date approaches to provide the organisation with superior insight into critical areas.

Wouter bouwman vriendin

Developing answers for problems that others have previously dismissed as unsolvable is something I enjoy doing. Because of this, I can put my educational background in innovation to good use in my professional life.”

On behalf of BNNVARA, Wouter Bouwman also produces the sports programmes BVSC (BNNVARA Sport Combination) and Radio Bureau Sport (Radio Bureau Sport).

He also makes regular appearances on BVSC. In order to accomplish this, Bouwman hosted the weekly programme ‘De Wereld van BNNVARA.’ In this programme, he spoke to Dutch individuals living in other countries about current events.

Wouter Bouwman begins working as a radio producer at AmsterdamFM. There he introduces the sports programme Competition Rhythm, which he hosts.

He also follows the Ajax Women for a year on behalf of the same broadcaster.

In 2016, he applies for and is accepted into the BNNVARA Academy after participating in the organization’s Talentday. Many BNNVARA titles for NPO Radio 1 and 3FM were produced at that time period with his assistance.

“My first job was with a huge financial institution. Despite the fact that I have known for quite some time that I will be working at DataDolphins, I have recently concluded a significant project at my previous job.

The assignment progressed in a satisfactory manner. My initial brief contact with the hiring manager for another post revealed to me that it was evident that I and the role were not a good match, but that they would continue their search.

After two weeks, I received a phone call with an offer to begin working in a new department, where my inventive attitude would be put to full use, a position I had been yearning for for a long time. I accepted the post.”

Wouter bouwman vriendin
Wouter bouwman vriendin