Ward kerremans vriendin
Ward kerremans vriendin

Ward kerremans vriendin /\ Ward Kerremans is a Flemish actor.

Having received his theatre training at the Toneelacademie Maastricht, Ward Kerremans graduated from the institution in 2013.

In Flanders, he became well-known as the host of the Ketnet game show Kwiskwat, which was shown on television. Aside from these roles, Kerremans has also appeared on television in lesser roles such as Jasper “Elvis” De Roeck in the VTM telenovelle LouisLouise and Gert Blondeel in the VTM serial Familie.

Kerremans has been starring as the criminal Leon Vos in the Dutch crime drama Penoza since August of this year.
If you have to think about the name Ward Kerremans again, it will be the last time you will have to do so.

The Molenbeek tiles on the roof of the Play4 series Grond were played by him as the jumpy in Grond On VTM, you’ll see him in Smooth Ice next week, and in the new Streamz series Billie vs.

Benjamin (which premieres this week), where he portrays a right-wing young guy who falls in love with a left-wing young woman. Extremes that are incompatible? “Yeah, they recognise something in one another that is greater than their individual ideals.”

In Flanders, I worked in the theatre for three or four years at a time.” In the fifth season of the ‘Penoza’ television series, I played a major villain. Following that, further jobs were added.

However, the selection of films and television programmes was more limited due to the fact that my Dutch accent was not particularly ambitious.

Then you are mostly cast when they are looking for ‘a Belgian,’ which is a lot of the time. ‘What are you still doing here?’ my Dutch friends and coworkers inquired of me.

Return to Belgium as soon as possible. There is a higher level of excellence there.’ Three years ago, I was on the lookout for a Belgian management group.

Ward kerremans vriendin

Black-out and Phil Frisco were the two films in which I had my first two castings (crime drama by VTM that will be shown on Streamz, ed.).

Receiving those two roles boosted my self-confidence. Then there was the film ‘The Racer,’ which was released. “Things are going OK thus far.”

Ward Kerremans was born on February 28th, 1988, in the United States. Ward is primarily known in the United States as a Flemish actor.

He appeared in the VTM telenovelle LouisLouise and also had a minor role in the VTM soap opera Familie, among other things. Kwiskwat, a children’s game show that he presented on Ketnet, was a hit with the audience.

Virginie Bleyaert has verified that the two are in a relationship with one another. They met for the first time on November 11 during the ‘Topmodel Night’ at the Carré discotheque in Willebroek, where they were introduced.

Brugse is a beautician by trade, but since winning the first season of ‘Topmodel,’ she has devoted her time exclusively to modelling.

In ‘LouisLouise,’ Kerremans captures the hearts of young women as the mysterious radio technician Elvis.
He believes that making a comeback in Flanders is a bit excessive.

It’s because his character Elvis, a radio engineer, “just accomplished something” in the film ‘LouisLouise.’ “With the exception of some reading, I had not taken any acting instruction.”

“I didn’t take it very seriously at the time.” In any case, he must have made a lasting effect. Because, following the telenovelle, which aired on VTM from 2008 to 2009, a slew of other opportunities arose.

The breakthrough was on the horizon. Ward, on the other hand, went in a different route.

“After finishing the recordings for ‘LouisLouise,’ I went on an audition at the Maastricht Drama School. Since 2010, I have been a student there for four years. Afterwards, it was much easier to get back into the workforce.”

Ward kerremans vriendin
Ward kerremans vriendin