Stefaan degand dochter

Stefaan degand dochter
Stefaan degand dochter

Stefaan degand dochter /\ Stefaan Degand is a Flemish actor who is most known for his work in theatre. Dieter De Leus, from the fiction series De Ronde, was his most well-known character to the general audience.

Stefaan Degand received his bachelor’s degree in drama from the Herman Teirlinck Institute in 2003. (Studio class). Following that, he appeared in a number of theatre performances, including those by Theater Antigone, HETPALEIS, and Het Toneelhuis, among others.

In 2007, he appeared in the miniseries King of the World, in which he played the title character. Aside from that, he also had a brief role in the film Bo.

When Degand appeared in the feature film Rundskop as well as the Dutch television series De Ronde, he became a household name among the general public in 2011.

Similarly, in the latter series, Degand takes the part of Dieter De Leus, a hyperactive representative of a maintenance firm who is unable to follow the Tour of Flanders from a VIP van, much to his displeasure.

“Da meen dje nie,” De Leus’ one-liner from the first episode of De Ronde, quickly became a catchphrase, as did the phrase “Aj moe kakn moej kakn” from the second episode.

Stefaan degand dochter

When his wife died, actor Stefaan Degand (40) broke the news to his daughter Mila (4) right away, and she was devastated. This is something he says in De Columbus.

Degand has to work hard to do what he does in Humo: talk about the drama. But he does it regardless. After booking two nights at a B&B, Degand and his expectant wife, Julie, woke up one morning with a severe headache.

They assumed it was migraines. The mosquito was summoned a few moments later to transport her to the hospital. “It all happened so quickly.

All of Belgium’s neurologists were watching from their computers, and they were all unable to stop it. I had lost track of her within two hours “Degand is quoted as saying

With the exception of her mother’s death, my daughter and I have a lot of imaginative play together. Because that is a painful reality that needs to be communicated to her in an open and honest manner.

The thought of having to tell my child that tomorrow her great heroine, her everything, would be gone for the rest of her life was my greatest worry as I drove from the hospital to her home.

Stephanie’s wife, Julie, died in 2017 as a result of complications from meningitis. She was 31 years old and expecting a child.

At the time, Mila was only 2 years old, and it was tough for me to explain to her why she would be losing her mother. “It took me two seconds to realise that this was too difficult and that I would not be able to complete it.

That will have to be relinquished: I’m going to have to part with her. Two seconds, please. “However, that thought vanished almost instantly.”

Stefaan degand dochter
Stefaan degand dochter

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