steef de jong vriendin
steef de jong vriendin

steef de jong vriendin /\Theatrical director, singer, and visual artist Steef de Jong is based in the Netherlands.

Ludwig, Straussvogel, De Modern Art Revue (with Alex Klaasen), and ORFEO, a cardboard-based drama, are some of his most well-known works of theatre. The Mary Dresselhuys Prize was awarded to De Jong in 2017.

At the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, De Jong received a bachelor’s degree in visual arts in 2006, which included a performance in the field of music theatre.

With the music theatre Engelberg Express, an Alpine operetta, he received his diploma from the Amsterdam School of Arts (DasArts) three years later.

He later went on to work as an actor, appearing in films such as Orkater and Firma Rieks Swarte, among other productions.

Empress Sisi herself intertwines with his narrative, bringing subtlety to the beautiful portrait of her life that is painted by him.

‘My first kid died very young, and I was not permitted to parent the children who were born after that. My cousin and best friend perished, and my son committed suicide after killing his lover.

‘ I was also murdered in Geneva by an anarchist with a file when I was 60 years old. Furthermore, I was suffering from rheumatism.
He is fascinated by operetta, which he describes as “the forgotten stepchild of opera.” It is in his own unique way that he brings this genre to life.

He frequently uses double bottoms on his cardboard set pieces, which become evident when the set pieces are folded open.

steef de jong vriendin
steef de jong vriendin

So that the audience can see what is happening, his performances practically “unfold” in front of their very eyes.

Steef’s Operetta Uurtje, a cardboard drama, and De Modern Art Revue (a collaboration with Alex Klaasen) are among the works he has created in recent years.

In 2017, Steef was awarded the Mary Dresselhuys Prize for her contributions to literature. A’remarkable phenomenon, an unequivocal multi-talent who knows how to integrate numerous art forms in an inventive manner,’ according to the jury, described him as such.

Beginning in 2010, he has appeared in performances by Susies Haarlok and Orkater, as well as performances by Toneelgroep het Volk and Firma Rieks Swarte, among other artists.

The LP/CD Liedjes van Steef de Jong was issued in 2013 by his own management company, Steef de Jong Productions.

As co-founder of the Groots en Meelatend foundation with Ina Veen, Steef collaborated with her on a one-man operetta trilogy on his fascination with the nineteenth century, Empress Sisi, and the operetta form.

It led to the productions Groots and Meelatend I wish to live, Ludwig and Straussvogel, among others. In 2014, they were awarded the Mus, which is the reward for the best performance at the Theaterfestival de Parade, and in 2015, they were awarded the Theater Award at the Fringe Festival of Perth (Australia).

steef de jong vriendin
steef de jong vriendin

Over the course of three years in 2014-2016, De Jong performed a one-man operetta trilogy about his fascination with the nineteenth century, Empress Sisi, and the operetta genre.

Thus, the plays Groots and Meelatend I desire to live, Ludwig (about Louis II of Bavaria), and Straussvogel were created as a result of the collaboration (about his fascination with the waltz king Johann Strauss Jr.)

. It was under the auspices of the Groots en Meelatend foundation, which he created with Ina Veen, that the performances were staged.

De Jong’s combination of art and kitsch in a shockingly self-made pop-up decor did not go unnoticed: the performances received numerous awards, including first place at the Theater Festival de Parade in 2014 and second place at the Fringe Festival in Perth (Australia) in 2015, among others.

He was awarded the Jong de Olifant, the city of Haarlem’s art and culture prize, in 2016; and the Mary Dresselhuys Prize, which he received in 2017.

When De Jong performed with Alex Klaasen in De Modern Art Revue in 2017, he was flanked by figures such as Picasso, Peggy Guggenheim, and Jan Schoonhoven, who were interspersed between fold-out sets. Steef’s Operetta Uurtje was also released in 2017 by him.

The tale of Orpheus was the subject of De Jong’s ORFEO, a cardboard-based theatre staged in 2018.

A new programme based on Johann Strauss Jr.’s Eine Nacht in Venedig premiered in June 2021 under the direction of De Jong. In Haarlem, at the Toneelschuur, he gave this performance, which was also his home base.