Nick schilder ziek
Nick schilder ziek

Nick schilder ziek /\ Nick Schilder is a Dutch singer who goes by the stage name Nicolaas Maria (Nick) Schilder.

Nick & Simon is the name he has given to himself and Simon Keizer, with whom he performs as a pair.

A musical family in Volendam, Schilder hails from a lineage that has produced a number of successful musicians, including Anny Schilder.

He first picked up a guitar when he was eight years old. At school, he met Simon Keizer, who became his friend. They began singing and writing songs together when they were seventeen years old. ‘Do you know what I’m talking about?’ was their first song.

He later competed in the second season of Idols, where he placed 11th. Keizer has already been eliminated from the tournament during the preliminary rounds.

Following the programme, he received a phone call from a record label with which the duo Nick & Simon has signed a recording contract.

He collaborated with Keizer on songs such as Rosanne, Look up, and Pak maar m’n hand, which served as the theme song for the film The shipboys of Bontekoe (2008).

In 2007, Schilder en Keizer embarked on a European tour with pals Jan Smit and the 3J’s, who performed as the 3J’s. In 2008, they repeated the same thing, but this time they travelled by boat along the Costa Brava in Spain.

Tros broadcasted Jan Smit’s programmes over the summer, which were available to listeners worldwide.

Schilder was a participant in the TROS television programme The top vocalists of the Netherlands in 2009. In the summer of 2009, he returned to De Zomer Voorbij to take part in the show’s new season.

We were previously aware that Nick had screwed up his razor in the trash during the lockdown and had left a large beard! Everyone enjoys it, whether they have favourable or negative reactions.

Nick schilder ziek

“It’s simply a statement of not being vain: screw the grooming, I’m not going to shave every day,” the singer says in an interview with la Beau Monde magazine.

“On the other hand, I spent the better part of a day yesterday at the barber’s – and that was just for my beard.

You must maintain a tight line, manage the overflow from a short to a slightly longer length, and apply the appropriate oil. You have to be quite vain in order to grow a beard.”

Nick and Simon would perform in the open-air theatre of the Stadsschouwburg in De Goffert, which is located in the city centre.

The concert is part of a series of performances in open-air theatres that will take place throughout the summer. In addition, a performance in Ostend has been postponed.

On Thursday, it will be announced whether or not the Nijmegen concert will be rescheduled. The tickets are still valid.

Nick Schilder is still suffering from the effects of a severe throat illness. The theatre presentation that Schilder and Simon Keizer were scheduled to perform in Tiel on Tuesday evening has been postponed until March 29th due to unforeseen circumstances.

“I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you, and I appreciate your understanding,” the ill Schilder says on social media.

Schilder and Keizer were also obliged to postpone a number of theatrical performances in Uden and Alkmaar to the end of March last week due to unforeseen circumstances. Due to laryngitis, the painter had lost his ability to speak.

Nick schilder ziek
Nick schilder ziek