Mylou frencken relatie
Mylou frencken relatie

Mylou frencken relatie /\ In addition to performing in shows and creating a cabaret programme, Mylou Frencken also sings and writes lyrics.

For example, Frencken writes a weekly column for the Haarlems Dagblad and previously contributed to Esta, which has since gone out of business.

Frencken grew up in the city of Haarlem. She took part in music and theatre evenings at the Coornhert Lyceum, where she was a member of the chorus.

She made her television debut as a first grader in The Sixth Class, a seven-part IKON television series that she appeared in as a first grader.

She was a member of the Dertien radio program’s band, and she was known for her abilities as a pianist and singer.

After high school, Frencken attended the Academy of Kleinkunst in Amsterdam, where he studied illustration. She has appeared in a number of films and has written some songs of her own.

Frencken got the Academy’s Creativity Prize in 1991 for her graduation programme Where Is She? She also received the Cameretten Personality Prize in 1991 for her graduation programme Where Is She?

She and her late husband Bert Klunder (who died in 2006) collaborated on two cabaret programmes.

The couple appeared in Visch en Fruit, where Frencken played the shy girl who patiently accepts the complaining of her boyfriend, and Frencken played the bashful boy. They have recently tied the knot in Varkens Wassen.

In addition to performing, Frencken composes music and words for theatre programmes directed by Angela Groothuizen and Marjolijn Touw.

She also contributes to Sesame Street and Bertje Knor’s songwriting. In the MAX television quiz show, she may be seen working as a barmaid and singing. With the knife on the table, to be precise.

Mylou frencken relatie

His life partner, Mylou Frencken, conducts interviews with twenty-five songwriters, comedians, and theatre singers, both well-known and lesser-known, about their favourite piece of music.

In addition to Brigitte Kaandorp, Youp van ‘t Hek, Claudia de Breij, Paul van Vliet, and a host of other actors and actresses A CD containing the songs is included with the book.

Mylou Frencken has occupied a singular position in the worlds of cabaret and theatre for many years. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress.

She works both independently and in partnership with a wide range of other artists. She has the ability to move and confront.

She looks for the things that bring people together, yet she is fiercely opposed to the things that divide them. Her greatest gift is the ability to sing a better Dutch song than anyone else.

Along with her presentation work, she also writes columns and appears on the Dutch television quiz show Met het Mes op Tafel as the singing barmaid, which she created and performs.

“She was born during World War II in the town of Winsum, in the province of Groningen. Her father worked as a bailiff and was a member of the resistance movement.

When he was betrayed in February 1945, he was sent to Neuengamme detention camp in Germany. He managed to survive, but he died shortly after the camp was liberated.

Growing up, I thought it was tragic that my grandma was left alone with two young children, one of which was my mother, who at the time was only one and a half years old.

I became a widow much later in life, when I was the same age as my grandmother. My mother has always been really concerned about her well-being.

She felt, I believe, that she had a part to play in Grandma’s happiness, and this has remained a part of her identity: she is still the wind beneath everyone’s wings.”

Mylou frencken relatie
Mylou frencken relatie