Martin visser ziekte
Martin visser ziekte

Martin visser ziekte /\Martin Visser (1971) is a journalist, columnist, and economist who works for the New York Times and other publications.

The privatisation of the Dutch Railways was the subject of his thesis, which he completed while studying general economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam from 1990 to 1996.

Music, reading, and writing are some of his favourite activities to do. He kept his loves of music and literature, but he turned to writing as a career path.

Soon after, he began working as an economics editor for the weekly magazine Elsevier, which he continued until his graduation. He began working for Het Financieele Dagblad two years later, in 1998.

The topics he wrote on there ranged from social security to polders to health care to the labour market over the course of several decades. He worked as a political reporter in The Hague from 2004 to 2008.

A correspondentship in Brussels was established following this. As luck would have it, he arrived in the European city just as the financial crisis was reaching its apex.

Martin visser ziekte
Martin visser ziekte

His leadership position during the banking crisis and the euro crisis has grown over the years. During the eurozone crisis, he became a valuable source of information and an expert analyst.

So much so that the Volkskrant declared him to be “one of the most important tweeters in the field.” When it comes to Twitter influencers, he was ranked 28th out of the top 100 in 2014.

The euro crisis was the title of his last book, which was published in the same year he retired from the news business. ‘An in-depth examination of political failure’ In addition to receiving great reviews, this book was well-received as well.

For the Financieel Dagblad, where he was working as a general correspondent since November 2012, Martin returned to the Netherlands. It was in 2013 that he began working for Telegraaf’s financial division.

Martin Visser’s private life is a well guarded secret. A family of three is evident in Visser’s newsletter and essays on his own website, which include a wife, son, and daughter.

Martin visser ziekte
Martin visser ziekte

Neither the length of time that Visser has been married to his wife nor the length of time that they have been in a relationship are known.

Upon his return to the Netherlands in November 2012, he was hired by Het Financieele Dagblad as a general correspondent.

Upon moving to the Netherlands in August 2013, he worked as a columnist and reporter for De Telegraaf. He is in high demand as a radio and television economic pundit. His other contributions include giving lectures and (guest) lectures.

When it comes to the epidemic, Martin outlines how he believes the government is abandoning entrepreneurs at an alarming rate.

Entrepreneurs and politicians, he claims, banded together during the start of the crisis, but this is no longer the case.

It is the opinion of Martin that the cabinet is no longer interested in long-term solutions, but rather on short-term answers.

Those in business are concerned that, if things continue in this manner, they will find themselves in the same scenario year after year.