Marco bakker ziek
Marco bakker ziek

Marco bakker ziek /\ Jacob Marinus (Jaap) Bakker is a Dutch opera singer and radio personality who goes by the stage name Marco Bakker.

He was in the news in October 1997 after causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol on the parking deck of the Amsterdam ArenA. Arja Mesker-de Groot, 38, was murdered in the incident.

In 1998, he was found guilty of this. He was sentenced to a year without a driver’s licence and offered the option of a six-month prison sentence or 240 hours of community service. His image and career suffered as a result of this.

On Sunday mornings, Marco Bakker hosts a light-classical radio programme for the regional broadcaster Radio M Utrecht.

Bakker undertook another theatre tour in the Netherlands with ” De 3 Baritons ” (Henk Poort, Ernst Daniel Smid, Marco Bakker), which began in December 2009 and ended in March 2010 at the Royal Theater Carré.

There is a life before and after The Accident for Marco Bakker. For 23 years, he never told his wife Willeke van Ammelrooy about it. There is now a biography.

“That mishap will never be forgotten.” It is constantly present, no matter what happens. “Until I die,” he says in this week’s issue of the Magazine.

Bakker, who is now 82 years old, has changed as a person as a result of the event. “I’ve softened and become more vulnerable.

” Every day, I carry the deepest grief for the bereaved with me. He says, “I lost everything.” He lost his job at the then-broadcaster TROS, where he had been broadcasting Muziek uit Duizenden, after the accident.

Marco bakker ziek

“The broadcaster warned that if I remained on the television for any longer, my image would be harmed. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable.”

Willeke van Ammelrooy, his wife, pulled him through it. “It took a long time. Fortunately, I was able to recuperate. It’s also due to Willeke’s efforts.”

Bakker has been married to Van Ammelrooy for 43 years, after two previous marriages that ended in divorce. “The best lubricant between us is our love.

” To this day, we are able to communicate with each other.”
The artist gave a one-off interview to De Telegraaf shortly after the event, in which he claimed that a technical malfunction in the cruise control caused him to speed over the parking deck.

Marco Bakker tells what happened in his book Marco Bakker – The Complete Story. “All of a sudden, my automobile swerved.” (…) Those are horrible recollections for me.

I almost avoided a group of children who were strolling in front of me. The automobile then accelerated towards two pillars at full speed.

I noticed two people in front of me in the closing seconds before my car came to a rest against a gatehouse on the second ring. The blow that followed will stay with me for the rest of my life. It was a nightmare.”

Marco bakker ziek
Marco bakker ziek