Marcia luyten ziek
Marcia luyten ziek

Marcia luyten ziek /\ Marcia Luyten is a Dutch economist who also works as a journalist and television host.

Luyten studied Business Economics, Culture and Science Studies, and International Relations at Maastricht University, where he also attended the Clingendael Institute’s Foreign Relations course.

She worked as a writer correspondent in Uganda and Rwanda for the NRC Handelsblad (1995-1997) and de Volkskrant (2001) newspapers between 1995 and 2001. (1999-2001).

Later, she served as a diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a period of two years. She also works as an economist, cultural historian, and debate moderator in addition to her other roles.

She worked as a columnist for The Press, a free daily newspaper distributed throughout the world. She resided in Kampala from late 2006 to early 2010 and worked as a journalist.

Luyten took over for Peter van Ingen as the host of the VPRO television programme Buitenhof in 2012, and he has been there ever since.

In recognition of her book Het Geluk van Limburg, which chronicles the history of coal mining in the Dutch region of Limburg, she was awarded the Brusse Prize on June 18, 2016.

Marcia Luyten, a journalist and television presenter, has written a book on Máxima’s childhood.

Josine Droogendijk (of Fashion Queen Máxima) approached her and inquired about her fascination with and similarities with the Argentine girl who rose to the position of Fashion Queen Máxima.

‘I couldn’t put myself in her shoes,’ says the speaker in a conversation about ambition and uncertainty.

When asked about the biography she wrote on Máxima’s years in Argentina, Marcia Luyten adds, ‘It’s the most fascinating book I’ve ever written,’ she says.

Marcia luyten ziek

It fascinates me that she has captured the attention of people such as the journalist and presenter of Buitenhof, among others.

Marcia Luyten is a cultural historian as well as an economist. She is a writer, journalist, publicist, and debate moderator in addition to her other roles.

She is the mother of three children with a partner who is a creative explorer. They reside on a houseboat on the canals above Amsterdam.

In any event, I conclude during the photo shoot for the interview that there is a certain amount of boldness. He or she does not allow herself to be dominated by photography or make-up, and she is forthright in expressing her feelings about the poses and appearances.

She herself is unsure whether the adjective “assertive” applies to her in the first place. The lack of assertiveness on my part surprises even my husband.’

Occasionally, if something is truly wrong, I’m not opposed to getting involved, but I don’t want to be a source of contention. ‘I favour a middle-of-the-road solution.’

Máxima was always extremely dedicated to her academics and occupations, and she was extremely ambitious. But in a lighthearted and upbeat manner.

She was constantly in the mood for something weird and out of the ordinary. All of this has been brought into compliance with the regulatory framework within which it must function.

You would think that after a few years, the fun would be over, and you would come to terms with the reality that you had to make so many sacrifices. But that is not the case.

Marcia luyten ziek
Marcia luyten ziek