Maan zangeres leeftijd

Maan zangeres leeftijd
Maan zangeres leeftijd

Maan zangeres leeftijd /\ Maan de Steenwinkel (also known as Maan de Steenwinkel) is a Dutch singer and actress who is most known for her work in the film Maan.

De Steenwinkel originally gained widespread attention after winning the sixth season of The Voice of Holland.

She has since been in the Dutch television series De beste zangers van Nederland as well as the Dutch version of the hit show Dance Dance Dance (Dance Dance Dance).

Maan, the singer, has received some wonderful news: she has found love. In recent months, the Voice of Holland champion has been having a great deal of fun with a particular young gentleman.

Despite the fact that Maan’s management will neither confirm or deny the existence of a relationship, her new father-in-law verifies that she is in fact in a relationship.

While the majority of Dutch individuals strive to be overweight by the age of 40, it appears that a 23-year-old Dutchman is going to make fun of her contemporaries.

Maan zangeres leeftijd
Maan zangeres leeftijd

Singer Moon, in particular, on her 23rd birthday, gathered a colossal two tonnes of power. If that’s the case, you’re not doing too badly.

In 2015, she was a contestant on the Dutch television show The Voice of Holland. On January 29, 2016, she was crowned champion.

The single Perfect World, which was produced by Hardwell, debuted in the Dutch Mega Top 50 on NPO 3FM on February 6, 2016, and in the Dutch Top 40 on Radio 538 on February 12, 2016, according to the station.

Hardwell awarded Maan a gold record for that song on April 1, 2016, marking the first time in his career. Her second song, Ride It, was likewise released on April 1, and it was again written by her. This single reached the top of the charts and was certified as a gold record.

The DJ who was supposed to take his place got stuck in the Tipparade. In Ahoy for six evenings during the Toppers in Concert 2016 – The Christmas Party of the Year, Maan was a guest of honour.

The Toppers also recorded a Christmas single, A very happy Christmas, which can be found on iTunes. Maan appears makes a cameo appearance in the accompanying video clip.

In December 2016, she began working as a presenter for the Soundcheckers programme at KPN, where she has been since. Maan was also heard for the first time as a voice actress in the 2016 film Sing, when she provided the voice for the porcupine Becky.

Maan zangeres leeftijd
Maan zangeres leeftijd

Maan is having a difficult time adjusting to the idea that not everything in her life is kept private. Despite the fact that she “frequently remembers that one stupid comment amid a hundred beautiful ones,” the singer aspires to “be liked by everybody.”

Giving up her identity can be tough for her, especially when her relationship with Tony ended. Her explanation to LINDA.Meiden is as follows: “We have decided that neither of us will say anything about it, but it has been lovingly closed.”

Maan is one of the many people who will be taking part in the RTL programme ‘The Voice of Holland’ in 2015. In her blind audition, all of the coaches rotate their seats, but she picks Marco Borsato as the coach to work with.

She advances to the finals and is crowned the program’s winner on January 29, 2016. This garners her national attention, which the media quickly catches up on.

She follows up her participation with the release of her first single, ‘Perfect World.’ The single, which was produced by Dj Hardwell, will hit the ‘Top 40’ on February 13th, according to Billboard. For her first song, which was released on April 1, she is awarded a gold record.

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