Loes wijnhoven vriend

Loes wijnhoven vriend
Loes wijnhoven vriend

Loes wijnhoven vriend /\ Twin sisters Loes and Renée Wijnhoven form the musical duet Clean Pete, which performs on cello, guitar, and two-part vocals.

They collaborated on four albums, which were published on Excelsior Recordings, and performed at festivals such as Pinkpop, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Into the Great Wide Open.

The Wijnhoven sisters are inseparable from each other. Loes is usually always followed by Renée, if not always.

The twin sisters of Clean Pete have each been working on a different project for the past year. Both of them went through the process of giving birth to their first kid.

Loes’ first book shone brightly in the same room where Renée gave birth to a completely healthy kid.

Her novel De Hotelgids provides a peek into the life of classical soprano Louisa, a fictional character that unmistakably embodies the characteristics of the unfettered freedom seeker that she embodies in herself.

Stefano Keizers (34), a comedian, is back in love with Ellis Kat after a brief separation.

Loes wijnhoven vriend
Loes wijnhoven vriend

During the past three months, he has been dating singer Loes Wijnhoven (31), who is best known as a member of the singing group Clean Pete. A holiday in Curaçao is currently underway for the two of them.

Their agreement with Excelsior Recordings was signed on April 19, 2013. The duo collaborated with Soldaat, who produced the album and played on it as a guest musician, to create their debut album, Al say it myself, which was released in 2010.

The performances at Noorderslag and Motel Mozaique will take place following the publication of this CD. Tim Knol’s CD Soldier on featured a guest appearance by them the next year.

When Clean Pete performed He says it himself with writer Hanneke Hendrix on the Parade for the first time, it marked a watershed moment in his professional career.

Oost West, a performance by them and poet Tjitske Jansen, was included on the Parade the previous year.

With their performance Clean Pete Journaal, the ladies returned to the Parade stage in the summer of 2019 for the second time.

Loes wijnhoven vriend
Loes wijnhoven vriend

On Anne Soldaat’s 2015 album Talks little, kill many, they may be heard on the track “Kills many.” In addition to working as a background singer, Renée also played cello and worked as a string arranger for the band.

Loes: “Classical music has the ability to move me to my core, but Belle and Sebastian are the band that I listen to the most.”

I can listen to this music no matter what the season is, how I’m feeling (happy or sad). How often do we catch each other by surprise? “If I appreciate it, I expect Renée to feel the same way.”

I did this in order to utterly disrupt our Christmas project, which my sister Renée and I were working on.

To begin with, the plan was to create something tiny, such as an EP with a couple of catchy tracks. However, the situation has gotten entirely out of control. Beginning in January, my sister and I began composing music for each other.

By the time February rolled around, we had already gotten so far into the Christmas season that we decided to go all out. “Something that is so entertaining and about which we can become so obsessed needs to be pushed to its logical conclusion.”

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