Lies zhara relatie
Lies zhara relatie

Lies zhara relatie /\ Lisa Zhara is a Dutch woman who was born and raised in the Netherlands with her parents and three younger siblings.

Lies Zhara is one of the most rapidly developing female celebrities on social media in the last year. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the stunning photographs she posts on her Instagram account.

The stunning blonde just reached the milestone of 400 thousand followers, which was marked by the release of a special, lovely snapshot.

The problem is that Don’s new ladylove Juultje is an extremely demanding and jealous woman.

According to an unidentified vlogger who was a guest on our show a while back and who played with Tielemans for a short period of time (Gio), it is a massive b***h.

If Lies Zhara is feeling lonely and hasn’t logged in for a while, she may always DM our Jan for assistance. He claims that he has a strong soothing capacity as a result of his personality.

Lies Zhara provides a thorough explanation of the problem in her most recent vlog. “I considered Don to be one of my closest friends.”

In a short period of time, we have also grown very close, in a pleasant way. He hasn’t gotten back to me since that one day.

After that, I frequently texted him, wondering when we were going to have another relax session, but I never heard back from him.

I’m really baffled as to what’s going on. Is there something I’ve done that he doesn’t like? Is he overburdened? “I have absolutely no idea.”

Lies zhara relatie

In addition to becoming a social media sensation, Lies Zhara is well-known for her use of the lip-syncing software TikTok

. She was born in the Netherlands and raised in the United States. Lies Zhara is considered to be one of the most popular TikTok stars in the Netherlands, having amassed a total of 248.035K followers on the social media platform.

Not only is Lies Zhara popular on the lip-syncing app, but she is also well-known on the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Lies Zhara has created the user name @lies zhara for usage on TikTok. Because of her enormous popularity on social media, Lies Zhara has also participated on a number of ads as a result.

Lies Zhara was born on April 26, 2001, in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, in the province of North-Holland. Lies Zhara will be 20 years old in the year 2022. More information on Lies Zhara can be found in the sections below.

It is hoped that this page will shed some light on Lies Zhara’s life and career, as well as her wiki, age, birthdate, family details, affairs, relationship, scandals, rumours, lesser-known facts, and more.

Lies Zhara first gained attention from the general public when she was 18 years old, when she competed for the title of Miss Beauty van Noord-Holland.

In our perspective, it is a title she more than deserves. In the meantime, Lies is now 20 years old and has earned the right to be referred to be one of the most beautiful women in the Netherlands.

In addition to Instagram, the attractive blonde is also very active on TikTok, where she now has two separate profiles, one for each of her children.

She has amassed more than half a million followers across both of her social media platforms. Not surprisingly, in addition to the well-known dance videos, we witness a slew of videos in which she puts her stunning figure in the spotlight, which is not surprising.

Lies zhara relatie
Lies zhara relatie