leeftijd vera bergkamp
leeftijd vera bergkamp

leeftijd vera bergkamp /\ Vera Bergkamp is a Dutch politician, public administrator, and political scientist who was born in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

President of the United States Congress since April 7, 2021, she is known as the House of Representatives’ chairwoman. From 2017 until 2021, she served as one of the vice presidents of the university.

His parents were Dutch and Moroccan, and Bergkamp was raised in Amsterdam. She changed her surname to that of her mother when she was 20 years old since her father’s surname was too difficult for her to write and pronounce correctly.

During his time at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Bergkamp studied human resource management. [6] Along with her bachelor’s degree, she has a master’s degree in public administration and political science from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

An honourable profession, being a member of Parliament, is to be found. As a visible representative of the people, I want to pursue a positive outcome.

In the progressive middle, D66 is a stable and dependable option to consider. Maintaining and growing D66’s profitability is critical to the company’s long-term success.

leeftijd vera bergkamp
leeftijd vera bergkamp

The Netherlands must become stronger and more democratic in these difficult times, with an eye toward a more prosperous future worldwide.

Bergkamp was elected as a member of the House of Representatives during the 2012 elections for the House of Representatives.

In the end, she came in fifth place on the list of potential candidates. Bergkamp was a member of parliament when he sponsored a law to prohibit religious schools from expulsion of gay, lesbian, and bisexual teachers and students because of their sexual orientation.

Because to her legislation, Bergkamp was named Member of the House of Representatives of the Year by the regional daily newspaper BN/De Stem in 2014.

It is commonly known that she is attracted to women and that she has a partner, but it is not known exactly who the person in question is

leeftijd vera bergkamp
leeftijd vera bergkamp

. We do know that they are married and that they have two children. As a member of the D66 political party in the Netherlands, Vera Bergkamp is also an advocate for LGBT rights.

In Vera Bergkamp’s opinion, gay rights are extremely important. As chair of COC Netherlands from 2010 to 2012, she worked to ensure that children in primary and secondary schools received accurate information about sexual diversity.

Among her other achievements, she brought national attention to the debate over the refusal officer, and she was successful in garnering support for its repeal in the U.S.

House of Representatives. Having joined the Lower House in September 2012, she has represented the D66 district. A private member’s bill to specifically protect transgender and intersex individuals from discrimination was introduced at the start of this year by her and a number of other members of Parliament.

In the Netherlands, everyone should be able to express themselves in a public way. “It shouldn’t matter whether or not people (according to others) fall into the typical male-female picture when it comes to discrimination protection,” Bergkamp stated on the D66 website.