leeftijd simone kleinsma
leeftijd simone kleinsma

leeftijd simone kleinsma /\ A musical theatre actress from the Netherlands, Simone Kleinsma is known for her roles in musicals.

Simone Kleinsma, who was 63 at the time of her husband Guus’s death in March 2017, found the strength to go on. Verder, a solo performance by her, will be performed in the theatre starting September.

But I still miss him despite the fact that the rawest sadness has passed.”

“In such a cemetery, the strangest things happen. In the midst of tidying up the flowers from the cemetery and being completely consumed by grief, you are continuously addressed “Simone expresses herself as follows:

“The majority of people instantly begin to talk about themselves and their experiences. I just sat there and listened, occasionally cracking a smile. Along with that, I made a lot of notes. There were some truly bizarre outcomes as a result of this decision.”

Simone made the decision to pursue a career in the theatre when she was just 15 years old. For years, she had been taking dance lessons as well as playing the guitar at that point.

A formal application was submitted to the Kleinkunst Academie. She performed admirably during the training.

The Pissuise Prize, given to the most promising graduating student each year, was awarded to her when she was just 19 years old.

Simone decided to audition for a Gerard Cox performance about halfway through her training. The decision to hire her marked the beginning of a long and successful professional life. She has not completed the training programme as scheduled.

leeftijd simone kleinsma
leeftijd simone kleinsma

Petitesma is disappointed that Verstraete will not be able to witness the development of his grandkids. Her sense of his presence, though, has not gone away.

“As I speak, I can hear him talking to me in my ear in whispers. Even more so when it comes to making decisions.

However, you must make the final decision despite the fact that I have a large number of people who can offer advice. Guus says something in my ear and I recognise it as something he would say because I knew him so well.

What a wonderful sensation to be enveloped in someone else’s arms!”

Kleinsma was elevated to the rank of officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau in September of this past year.

As a result of her relevance for Dutch cabaret, Kleinsma was honoured in April 2019 at the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival’s DeLaMar theatre with an homage.

leeftijd simone kleinsma
leeftijd simone kleinsma

This section includes both a chronological and an alphabetical overview of the premieres and performances in which she has participated, as well as links to her other contributions to performances, insofar as those contributions are recorded in The Production Database.

“I’m taking my guests on a journey through the Dutch song’s treasure trove.” It’s not just about Annie MG Schmidt and Harry Bannink or Wim Sonneveld or Toon Hermans; it’s also about Brigitte Kaandorp and Maarten van Roozendaal’s tunes. Our musical cultural history includes each and every one of these artists.

A few of them are truly exceptional. A selection of songs that have meant a lot to my visitors are discussed with me, as are excerpts from the songs.

Of course, we’ll be singing as well, with the help of a live orchestra. I open each episode with a song that, in the opinion of my guest, should absolutely not be missed; they follow that with a song halfway through; and I conclude with a request number.