leeftijd sigrid kaag
leeftijd sigrid kaag

leeftijd sigrid kaag /\ She is a Dutch diplomat and politician who has been acting as the leader of the Democratic Party 66 (Democracy 66) since September 4, 2020.

She previously served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 25 May 2021 until 17 September 2021 and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

From 26 October 2017 until 10 August 2021 in the Third Rutte cabinet, as well as Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation from 26 October 2017 until 10 August 2021 in the Second Rutte cabinet.

In the position of UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon from January 2015 to October 2017, she was responsible for a wide range of tasks (UNSCOL).

Her previous positions were Under Secretary-General and Special Coordinator of the United Nations-Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (UN-OPCW) Joint Mission to Eliminate the Syrian Arab Republic’s Declared Chemical Weapons Program (UN-OPCW) from October 2013 to September 2014.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hired her as Assistant Secretary-General and Assistant Administrator, as well as the Director of the Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy, prior to her deployment in Syria.

leeftijd sigrid kaag
leeftijd sigrid kaag

It is something she has always possessed. Following her education, she worked for two years as an analyst at Shell in London, after which she was hired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work in the United Nations political affairs department for a year and a half.

She worked with the United Nations in a variety of capacities from 1994 to 2017. Kaag has been living in foreign countries for 25 years and is fluent in six languages, including English.

A year later, the couple discreetly tied the knot in the holy city of Jerusalem. “Yes, he is Palestinian, and if you work at the Foreign Office like I do, you have to adhere to a variety of security regulations,”

Sigrid had previously informed Friend of the situation: The fact is that I couldn’t settle with just any Palestinian man. As a result, we simply jumped in. Nevertheless, I was already 31 years old and therefore knew exactly what I was getting myself into.”

There are four children in the family: Janna (25), Makram (22), Innas (19), and Adam (born in 2000). (18). A children’s home in Bethlehem provided them with Makram.

Sigrid posts pictures of her family on Instagram from time to time.

leeftijd sigrid kaag
leeftijd sigrid kaag

As the seventh party leader in the D66 coalition, Sigrid Kaag is a woman of colour. Since March 2021, she has served as the party’s leader in the House of Representatives.

Think about Sigrid Kaag and you think of a strong, independent woman with a lot of confidence. The subject of politics and foreign events piqued her interest from a young age.

That she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Middle East Studies in Cairo and, more recently, a master’s degree in international relations from St. Antony’s College in Oxford as well as a master’s degree in Middle East Politics and Economics from the University of Exeter comes as no surprise to anyone.

She worked as an analyst for Shell in London after completing her studies, but she quickly left to take a position at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she eventually ended up in the United Nations Political Affairs Division.

He worked and lived in Beirut, Vienna, and Khartoum while serving as a diplomat for the United Nations (UN). She is fluent in not one, not two, but six (!) foreign languages!