leeftijd plien van bennekom
leeftijd plien van bennekom

leeftijd plien van bennekom /\ In addition to being an actress and comedian, Plien van Bennekom is a stand-up comedian as well. She performs as part of the cabaret duo ‘Plien en Bianca’ with Bianca Krijgsman.

The actress Annick Boer’s niece, Van Bennekom, has been active in the theatre and music since she was a young child.

Aside from taking part in jazz ballet, she participated in choir and took piano classes throughout her high school years.

A performance by Brigitte Kaandorp influenced her decision to continue her education after graduating from the Athenaeum with the Academy of Kleinkunst in Amsterdam.

The two became acquainted there, and they both graduated in 1993 from the same class as Acda and De Munnik, Lucretia van der Vloot, and Ellen ten Damme (whom she later married).

At the VPRO, she and Krijgsman co-created the popular television series Zaai, which was broadcast internationally. A few episodes later, they were cast in the theatrical production Biks, which proved to be their big break.

leeftijd plien van bennekom
leeftijd plien van bennekom

The actors appeared in the theatre programme Stessen, alongside Owen Schumacher and Paul Groot. Van Bennekom also appeared in the musicals ‘Willeke’ and ‘Carlie’, among other projects

. In the Dutch satirical television programme Koefnoen, she was a member of the cast of comedians between 2004 and 2016

. She may also be seen in the satirical VARA programme Kanniewaarzijn, in which she portrays a variety of characters, which premiered in 2011.

It always seems like the work arrives in waves.’ During our tour van ride last year, I sat next to Bianca, and her phone rang nonstop.

That is not always the case for my. So I said, “Thank you,” and moved on. But lately, I’ve been putting in a lot of extra effort to catch up. To be in the profession entails a certain amount of risk.

Although we have each other, it is a blessing in disguise. Knowing that we can always come up with a fresh performance and use it as a fallback option However, we are also extremely lethargic, and as a result, we are stuck in a perpetual rut.

leeftijd plien van bennekom
leeftijd plien van bennekom

In our previous performance, it took over a year and a half to complete it. Every week, we got together for fried eggs and tomato sauce (vitello tonato), primarily for a meal.

This resulted in us being obese. Kees Prins, our last and final director, told us later that we may still make the next performance in three months. In addition, this is correct.

Overall, it felt extremely metropolitan; we were working on our laptops in cafes, but we eventually had to get down on our knees to actually accomplish anything useful.

That we are not fully reliant on what is offered to us, but that we can always get started generating something ourselves, is a comforting sensation.

The knowledge comes slowly, but it is liberating nonetheless.’

This section includes both a chronological and an alphabetical overview of the premieres and performances in which she has participated, as well as links to her other contributions to performances, insofar as those contributions are recorded in The Production Database.

Because it sounds so old, I believe it is a woman’s age. Growing older is not an issue for me; I just don’t feel 44 “In an interview with the weekly magazine Margriet, the comic duo (Plien and Bianca) stated that