leeftijd nikkie plessen
leeftijd nikkie plessen

leeftijd nikkie plessen /\ In addition to being a fashion designer, Nikkie Plessen is also an actress, presenter, model, and businesswoman from the Netherlands.

NIKKIE is her own fashion label, which she started in 2011 to great success. As a television host, she has appeared on a variety of shows, including “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “We Love the 90’s Met Nikkie.”

Consider Nikkie’s post on Valentine’s Day, in which she and Ruben are seen in an old-fashioned snapshot. For the past 17 years, my husband and best friend.

“I really like you, Ruben Bontekoe.” Using hashtags, she made it clear that she isn’t really a romantic in the traditional sense. In this particular photograph, however, we believe that Nikkie has already done her best.

Ruben Bontekoe and Nikkie Bontekoe have been partners and owners of NP Fashion BV since 2003. It is their second child, Alain, who was born in 2014 and Jolie, who was born in 2010.

Evidently, the presenter is really pleased with herself and her family. On Instagram, you may see them on a regular basis.

Taking a quick glance through her social media accounts reveals that she is a penny pincher who is passionate about all things equine.

Taking a closer look at Jolie’s personal account reveals that she is a penny pincher who is passionate about all things horse.

leeftijd nikkie plessen
leeftijd nikkie plessen

She routinely discusses her riding school exploits with the other students, but riding in the same box for an extended period of time can become monotonous after a while.

How does she want to be remembered? For her and her best buddy to go for a bike ride along the shore. In the end, it all came to pass.

Taking a ride on the back of a horse down the seaside was something Mama Nikkie planned for her little girl.

Besides being successful in business, the successful entrepreneur also has success in relationships. After meeting and falling in love with Ruben Bontekoe in 2003, Nikkie Plessen has been with him ever since.

Their two children, Jolie and Alain, were born into this union. In recent years, the family has grown in size. There has been a new family member walking through the house recently: Bobbie, the family’s canine companion.

On the fashion show Holland’s Best Fashion Designers, Nikkie was the host and co-host.

During the course of presenting this programme, her passion for fashion came to the forefront, and she made the decision to pursue her ambition of launching her own fashion brand.

leeftijd nikkie plessen
leeftijd nikkie plessen

NIKKIE is the name of her fashion label, which she founded in 2011. In 2016, Kate Moss, the fashion legend, was chosen to be the face of her company.

She now has a number of storefronts throughout the Netherlands, and her clothes is also available through a number of international webstores.

Nikkie Plessen has a net worth of approximately 28 million euros, according to estimates. She is also one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the Quote 500, because to the capital she has invested in her company.

With André Hazes, Nikkie would have had a slip-up this summer. The Amsterdam nightclub Palladium was where André and Nikkie would have absolutely let themselves go on a weekend.

The night out turned into an intimate encounter between André and Nikkie, which everyone gathered around to see, according to an eyewitness.

They were with a group of pals at the time, according to an eyewitness who spoke to Story. There was something infectious about them. After a while, I noticed André and Nikkie kissing in a way that would have been considered inappropriate among good friends…’