Leeftijd matthias reim
Leeftijd matthias reim

Leeftijd matthias reim /\ Matthias Reim is a German vocalist who specialises in pop and Schlager music.

He achieved international success with his 1990 single “Verdammt, ich lieb’ dich,” which peaked at number one in various European nations and remained at the top of the German charts for 16 consecutive weeks.

In 2013, he made a surprise comeback to the top of the charts with “Unendlich,” his first single in 23 years.

Reim was born on November 26, 1957, in Korbach, and raised in the town of Homberg. Homberg’s gymnasium was run by his father, who was also the director.

The next year, he began his undergraduate studies in the German and English languages, as well as German and English literatures in Göttingen, where he graduated with honours in 2011.

This took him 18 terms, which is above normal considering that he spent the most of his time in the music studio rather than the lecture hall.

“Verdammt ich lieb’ Dich” is Matthias Reim’s most well-known song, written for his beloved Margaux and which peaked at number 1 in a number of countries around the world in 1990.

Leeftijd matthias reim
Leeftijd matthias reim

(including Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands). He was the one who wrote the song “Verdammt, ich lieb’ Dich.” Because no one else expressed interest in singing the song, he opted to sing it himself and distribute it.

More than 2.5 million copies of the song have been sold globally. He had a small hit with his following single, “Ich Hab Geträumt Von Dir,” which was released in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In Germany, he has maintained his unwavering popularity. “Reim” was Reim’s first album to be released in the Netherlands, and it had ten songs, one of which was his most successful.

Following this, Reim II was also released in the Netherlands, where it received positive reviews.

“Verdammt, Ich Lieb’ Dich” was a surprise smash for the pop singer in 1990, propelling her to stardom. With albums such as Alles Klar (1995), Déjà Vu (2004), and Phoenix (2007), he has maintained his prominence over the course of his career (2016).

Despite the fact that his brother is a wealthy stockbroker, Reim appeared to be lacking in financial acumen.

Leeftijd matthias reim
Leeftijd matthias reim

His manager Alfred Reimann, to whom he had granted general power of attorney over his business in 1990, was held responsible for the loss of his riches, according to the singer.

The musician, however, used a Sixt advertisement to inject some levity into the situation and swiftly changed the title of his popular song to “Damn, I don’t have anything, I rent from Sixt.”

With his ex-girlfriend Michelle, Matthias Reim recorded and published the song “Not merited” in June 2018, which quickly became a smash.

On October 25th, his twenty-first studio album, MR20, was released. There are a total of 12 tracks on it. In August of this year, he released his debut single, “Eiskalt.”

The CD also includes the duet “Not merited,” which he sang with his former partner Michelle.

It also includes a dedication to his musical inspirations, “Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin,” which is featured on the album.

The second single, “Tattoo,” was released at the same time as the album, along with a music video to go along with it. Beginning in December 2019, he will perform his new songs in concert as part of his tour.