leeftijd maarten van rossem
leeftijd maarten van rossem

leeftijd maarten van rossem /\ Maarten van Rossem is a historian from the Netherlands. He is an expert on the history and politics of the United States of America.

He is a frequent guest on political discussion shows on television, where he is known as an authority on America.

His public career began when he was requested to speak on the vice presidential elections in 1984, which he did. He continues to appear on television on a daily basis and to conduct public talks on a regular basis.

Maarten is born on October 24, 1943, in the town of tidy k Zeist . He is the middle child of three siblings. He grew up in Wageningen, the Netherlands, where his father is an entomologist.

‘My father had two interests: painting and parasitic wasps,’ says the author. It is not necessary to pray any longer in the Van Rossem home. “My family has been devoid of religious affiliation for more than a century.”

The grand finale of De Slimste Mens will be broadcast the following week. Before the season began, RTL Boulevard conducted an in-depth interview with Maarten regarding the recordings.

leeftijd maarten van rossem
leeftijd maarten van rossem

Then he went into detail about why he dresses in black and sits in the jury bench on every show. The answer can be found in the video embedded below.

Author Maarten van Rossem’s most well-known work, ‘The United States in the Twentieth Century,’ was first published in 1984.

After publishing this book, he made his television debut in the NCRV studio in October of that year as a commentator for the Vice President of the United States

. A little more than five years later, the NOS broadcasts live the inauguration of President George H.W Bush Sr. Van Rossem delivers the commentary, which he does in collaboration with Pieter Vink.

This did not go over well; around halfway into the show, the floor manager held up a notice stating that Van Rossem needed to be less cynical in his remarks.

How did things turn out? Hundreds of thousands of irate viewers had dialled the NOS.

leeftijd maarten van rossem
leeftijd maarten van rossem

In the following day’s Telegraaf, the front page announced that a Marxist specialist had offended the American people with his cynical words. Van Rossem was barred from participating in NOS broadcasts for a period of six months.

In 1996, he was appointed tenured professor at the University of Utrecht, where he currently holds the endowed chair of modern history.

This role provided him with the opportunity to talk on a broader range of topics. Due to the fact that he had attained Dutch retirement age at the time of his retirement, he was required to resign from his job in 2008 in order to comply with the law.

On his first day of retirement, he mocked the action, saying, “Yesterday I had a normal working day; today my activities are seen as nothing more than occupational therapy for the elderly, focused on stimulating the brain in order to prevent its precipitous decline after receiving the first state pension cheque,” he explained.

The public talks that he gives continue to take place all across the country.

The question, posed by Philip on behalf of Roos from Nijmegen, is “How do you deal with unfavourable criticism?” The one-man jury then pronounces the following:

“You’ll have to consider about social media, to be sure. A substantial portion is so utterly ridiculous that it is more hilarious than it could possibly be terrible to watch.”