Leeftijd kim lian van der meij
Leeftijd kim lian van der meij

Leeftijd kim lian van der meij /\ Kim-Lian van der Meij is a Dutch musical actress, presenter and a singer-songwriter.

Kim-Lian comes from a musical household. Both her parents were professional dancers. Kim-Lian won a lot of dance contests in her childhood[citation needed and routinely competed in lip-sync programmes.

She competed in the Dutch tv-program “De Mini Playbackshow” (think of Stars in their Eyes Kids) twice, once at the age of 6 and secondly when she was 11.

When she turned 16 she was signed at many castings and model agencies. She was immediately approached to play minor roles in Dutch TV programmes such as Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, Kees & Co and more.

After screentesting for the Veronica TV channel she was a hostess of CallTV. From 2001 to 2002 she hosted Puzzeltijd (Puzzletime) (Puzzletime).

After she quit Puzzeltijd Kim-Lian retreated from publicity. But in 2003 she was asked to present the Kids Top 20 for the children network Jetix.

This TV programme had audiences of 200,000 children every week. For this programme she got the highest award in the Netherlands for a children programme: the Gouden Stuiver (The Golden Nickel) (The Golden Nickel).

She ended up hosting the award-show in 2013.

Leeftijd kim lian van der meij
Leeftijd kim lian van der meij

Daniel is Swedish and originally resided in the Netherlands for a few years. Nevertheless, Daniel was aching to return to Sweden again and that is why the whole family emigrated. Kim-Lian told RTL Nieuws at the time:

‘We purposefully enrolled kids in a Swedish school. They have always been reared bilingually, but when I see how fast they learn to speak Swedish really well here.

Unbelievable! I am enhanced daily by them while I also speak a great word of Swedish. They also have numerous new buddies. It certainly feels like home.’

Kim-Lian van der Meij has been appearing on Dutch television for years. She exhibited, among other things, Sterren leaping and Shownieuws and obtained several roles in movie films.

Although seasons fly by, 40-year-old Kim-Lian is still looking great for her age. The constantly beautiful actress throws a big smile on our face and so deserves a position in the spring sun without a doubt.

Leeftijd kim lian van der meij
Leeftijd kim lian van der meij

‘Patience is a virtue’, says Kim-Lian. On Instagram she reveals that her boyfriend Daniel has finally asked her after ’17 years of dating’.

The couple would, according to the post, have a ‘mountain bike ride’ together every week. But suddenly, this time, they stopped at their ‘favourite area by the water’, since the Swede wanted to surprise his Dutch lover.

“There was a table with red roses, champagne and a box with a gorgeous ring,” recalled Kim-Lian.

Kim-Lian van der Meij is in hospital. Its management informs RTL Boulevard . The 40-year-old presenter is dealing with a kidney illness.

A theatre career runs concurrently to her television career. She has played in musicals such as The Little Mermaid (2005), Fame (2007-2008) and Footloose (2008-2009). (2008-2009).

After Footloose, she momentarily quit doing musicals to focus more on singing. She releases a new track on record label CMM: Not That Kinda Girl , which she recorded jointly with Swedish singer Linda Bengtzing.