Leeftijd eva jinek
Leeftijd eva jinek

Leeftijd eva jinek /\ Eva Jinek is a journalist and television host from the Netherlands who lives in the United States.

After graduating from the University of Leiden with a degree in American history in 2004, she went on to serve as foreign editor for the Dutch public news network NOS Journaal, where she reported on the United States.

In addition, since the end of 2007, she has served as the anchorperson for the news programme NOS Journaal 3. As of the fall of 2008, Jinek has been presenting the morning and afternoon news bulletins for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Her collaboration with colleague editor Monique van Hoogstraten resulted in the publication of “Het maakbare nieuws,”

a collection of eighteen stories with foreign journalists, which was published in response to the book “Het zijn net mensen” (Almost Human) by journalist-writer Joris Luyendijk.

Eva’s parents were forced to depart Prague when she was a child because her father was a member of the student resistance.

Continuing the storey, the late-night hostess says, “He had been with my mother for two years by that point.” “My parents, who were 23 and 18 years old at the time, and everyone around them

Leeftijd eva jinek
Leeftijd eva jinek

– including my grandparents, who were all still alive at the time – were under the assumption that it would only be a matter of months.

That they would go ‘for a while’ and that Western Europe or the United States would come to their rescue, how could the Russians possibly stay? However, as we all know, this did not occur.”

Despite this, there was a point when she had no desire to have children and did not want to be a mother in any way. It was on the verge of being childless.

“Some people have such a strong desire to have children that it appears as if everything must give way to their wishes.

It makes no difference whether they have a partner or not; all they want is a child “Weekend magazine published an explanation from the presenter.

“I’ve never had a situation like that before. For a long time, I considered the possibility that I was not fully normal.”

During her journey across America for the television show The United States of Eva, she developed strong feelings for the producer Dexter, who accompanied her on the journey.

Leeftijd eva jinek
Leeftijd eva jinek

Once they arrived in the Netherlands, the couple was quickly spotted together. The romance was soon picked up by the media, and the presenter was no longer able to keep her new love a secret.

The pair has been happily married for quite some time, and they have recently welcomed a boy into their family! Eva used to be surrounded by mostly prominent Dutch people, but she is now seeing a man who works behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Dexter was preceded by television biologist Freek Vonk and former lawyer Bram Moskowicz.

Her independent nature is intrinsic, but it is also shaped by the events of her life: when she was 18 years old, she became a political exile, fleeing her native country and never returning.

Having left her home in a foreign country where she did not understand the language and with no support from her family or friends, she was young and penniless when she was forced to begin a whole new life in a foreign country.

She and my father were successful in their endeavours. As she progressed, she was compelled to construct her own internal compass: “North, south, right, and wrong,” she explains.