Jonas van geel vriendin
Jonas van geel vriendin

Jonas van geel vriendin /\ Jonas Van Geel is a Flemish actor and television presenter who has appeared in a number of films. In 2006, he received his diploma from the Herman Teirlinck Institute.

In December 2005, Van Geel worked as an intern at Toneelgroep Ceremonia and Het Toneelhuis ion, where he collaborated with Eric De Volder on the piece Au nom du père, which was performed again the following year.

For his graduation project, he performed Publikumsbeschimpfung with his class, under the direction of Peter Van den Eede, which earned him the ITS Guest Award for outstanding international performance at the International Theater Schools Festival in Amsterdam.

In 2008, the same group came together to form the collective aka Johnny, which produced the performance Het Licht, which was based on Torgny Lindgren’s novel of the same name at the time.

Van Geel made his professional debut in children’s theatre in 2007 with a role in Zwijnen!, an Mieja Hollevoet version of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus for children aged 9 and older.

After that, Van Geel continued to perform in children’s theatre, most notably with the Theater Froe company and with the group HETPALEIS, among other groups.

Jonas Van Geel and Evelien Bosmans have been together for a long time and are in a happy relationship. They are also the parents of a child. Physical allegiance, on the other hand, is not as vital to Evelien.

Jonas van geel vriendin

Evelien Jonas, on the other hand, would not hold a slip against her. “You are faithful because you live near to each other and go through life experiences as a couple.

Physical allegiance is less important to me than emotional loyalty “In Humo, she says something.

“If my sweetheart ever feels like doing something, he should go ahead and do it. Possessiveness is something that should be avoided at all costs; I believe it is a really nasty trait to have “Evelien Bosmans expressed herself in this way.

Jonathan Van Geel commemorates the birthday of his son Charlie with a lovely family portrait taken on their vacation. In the stunning photograph, he, his girlfriend Evelien Bosmans, and their kid Charlie are all strutting their stuff.

“Happy birthday, Charlie!” the young father wishes his son on his birthday.

Charlie receives a large number of birthday greetings. Dina Tersago reacts with a “Hip, beep” sound.

“It’s very clean!” exclaims Lize Feryn, while Daphne Paelinck, star of the film “Home,” expresses her delight at the picture: “Happy birthday Charlie (we celebrate his birthday tomorrow).

In the photograph that Jonas Van Geel posted on Instagram, we can see him and his family having a good time together while taking in the gorgeous surroundings.

It is unclear where the three have been spending their vacation time. He thought he remembered the spot when he met up with actor Jef Hoogmartens. ‘Look at how damn clean Limburg can be,’ a good friend of Jonas’s made a joke.

Jonas has never shied away from his ambition to become a father.

He stated in Story two years ago that he would definitely like to be a father one day, but that he was not thinking about it at the time. He decided to first and foremost concentrate on his professional life.

Jonas van geel vriendin
Jonas van geel vriendin