Jeroen wollaars ziek
Jeroen wollaars ziek

Jeroen wollaars ziek /\ A Dutch journalist, Jeroen Wollaars has worked as a reporter and correspondent for various news organisations.

As a presenter on the Nieuwsuur programme, he has been doing so since 2018. His greatest television interview won him the Sonja Barend Award in 2021.

The final days of the year 2021 find our reporters penning tales on great and small events that occurred throughout the New Year, which is now almost over.

In addition to receiving the Sonja Barend Award for best interview, one of Nieuwsuur’s anchors also received the Zilveren Nipkow disc on behalf of the entire editorial team.

A year in which news was more essential than ever, Jeroen Wollaars (44) and Marille Tweebeeke (50) made headlines of their own as news reporters.

In this year’s Sonja Barend Award, Jeroen Wollaars was chosen as the winner.

Because anyone who is unwell themselves is not permitted to visit his or her ill father or mother in their hospital bed.

Jeroen wollaars ziek
Jeroen wollaars ziek

Marille tweebeeke and jeroen wollaars are presenting a new version of the news hour in 2020. Sonja Barend Award goes to Jeroen Wollaars. Awarded the Sonja Barend Award 2021 is Jeroen Wollaars.

He has been employed by the NOS since 2007, initially as an editor, and then as a general reporter for the NOS Journaal, where he has worked since 2009. Aside from reporting on the elections, he has also done work both domestically and internationally.

A correspondent based in Berlin, Wollaars worked there between January 2015 and July 2018. According to a NOS announcement made on May 14, 2018,

Wollaars has taken over the Nieuwsuur presenter post from Twan Huys, who will now be responsible for RTL Late Night starting in August 2018. Beginning on September 1, 2018, Wollaars began his employment as a presenter.

In addition to running, Pilates, and dog walking, rowing has risen to the top of my list.,,When I’m doing Pilates, my mind occasionally wander to tonight’s show.

Jeroen wollaars ziek
Jeroen wollaars ziek

Alternatively, what I have on my grocery list is an example of what I mean. Despite the fact that I haven’t been doing it for very long, rowing has a strong effect on getting you out of your comfort zone.

Outside is beautiful. Running is something I do as well. The experience is similar to taking a cruise. “It brings me great pleasure.”

A similar phenomenon occurs on television sets from time to time. A sound woman was once the recipient of my apologies.

My voice was heard in my earpiece with a slight delay during the broadcast. My first words after turning off the broadcast were, “God darn it!” It was some kind of lunatic who wrecked it.

As long as there were still fifteen individuals standing in the opposite direction, looking on.

But things transpired out differently in this instance. For the majority of the period that Jeroen was working as a journalist, his ex-wife remained to reside in the Netherlands, according to Volkskrant Magazine.

“At first, the goal was for us to live together in Berlin, but that didn’t work out, so we decided to part ways. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to tell you what they are!

‘People get divorced from time to time. But, owing in part to writer Hannah van Wieringen, who is five years younger than Jeroen and with whom he already shares a home, the light is beaming brightly once more in his direction.

Jeroen enjoys a high level of self-assurance in his current living situation, but this has not always been the case..