Jeroen rietbergen vrouw
Jeroen rietbergen vrouw

Jeroen rietbergen vrouw /\ Jeroen Rietbergen is a composer and keyboardist from the Netherlands.

In 2001, he became a permanent member of the band Marco Borsato, which he founded.

At the time, he not only performed with Borsato and Akkerman, but he also co-founded the dance group Soulvation with Ronald Molendijk, which peaked in the top ten of the Dutch Top 40 with the song Reset Your Brain in 2003.

In addition, he collaborated with Paskal Jakobsen on the winning song My eyes tell everything for Roel Felius, which was created for the first Dutch edition of the Junior Song Contest.

In 2004, he was a regular with Borsato, with whom he appeared 10 times in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp and six times at the Stadion Feijenoord. In 2007, Rietbergen began a relationship with Linda de Mol, who is now his wife.

De Mol appears in the film Back to the shore, in which he composes the film music, which was released two years after the previous one. Rietbergen went on to compose further film scores for director Will Koopman in the following years.

From 2010 to 2022, he was a member of the Edwin Evers Band, where he played keyboards.

He resigned from his position as bandleader at The Voice of Holland in January 2022, following allegations of sexual abuse and misuse of authority.

He admitted to having had sexual contact with some of the women who were involved in the programme, as well as to having exchanged sexually explicit app messages with them.

Jeroen rietbergen vrouw

Rietbergen had already received a reprimand from his company as a result of his actions.

Following the advice of Rietbergen’s attorney, all of the reports regarding Rietbergen in the last decade came from adults, and he believes that there were no criminal offences committed.

The allegations of Rietbergen’s alleged sexually transgressive behaviour were brought to light in the documentary BOOS: This is the Voice of the YouTube series BOOS.

A previous contender intends to file a police report against Rietbergen for assault. He categorically rejects it.

The suspension of The Voice, a popular international talent show hosted by Linda’s brother John de Mol, appears to be the beginning of a big controversy that will undoubtedly rock the media industry.

This Thursday, BOOS, BNNVARA’s online research programme, will launch with a series on sexual misbehaviour on The Voice, which will be broadcast live.

According to Tim Hofman, the keyboardist possessed considerable authority. According to the BOOS presenter, Jeroen was in charge of deciding which songs the candidates would have to perform and was a member of a prominent media family because of his friendship with Linda de Mol. He was well-liked and respected.

As evidenced by the broadcast, Jeroen would have taken advantage of his position to make sexual remarks about female candidates and employees: “Jeroen texted me to inquire as to how I had shaved my legs down there.

In response to his request for discretion over our app interaction, I agreed. and that if the program’s producers found out, they wouldn’t think it was cool. Later on, he sent me a crappy picture “a woman who wishes to remain anonymous

Jeroen rietbergen vrouw
Jeroen rietbergen vrouw