Floor bremer moeder
Floor bremer moeder

Floor bremer moeder /\ Floor Bremer is a well-known Dutch political journalist. The brunette is a regular contributor to RTL Nieuws and frequently appears on talk shows Jinek and Beau with her insightful commentary. We know very little about Floor Bremer, despite the fact that she frequently appears on television.

She’s so private on social media these days, not even her own Instagram account is public! As a result, there are still many interesting facts about Floor Bremer available online, including some of her best-known images. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of Floor Bremer!

1975 saw the birth of Delft-born Floor Bremer. University of Groningen journalism student before becoming a successful political reporter. After that, in New York, she worked as a journalist for EenVandaag. As a political reporter for RTL Nieuws since 2010, she has been part of the network since 2009. Floor Bremer has been a political reporter for more than a decade at the age of 36!

Floor Bremer takes great care to keep her personal life private. Do you think Floor has a husband or boyfriend? If even her age is a mystery, don’t expect her to flaunt her love life either! Because of this, it is not clear if Floor has a family or a romantic relationship. She maintains a strict separation between her personal and professional lives. Her RTL coworkers, on the other hand, are always having a great time!

That Floor Bremer is a fitness fanatic? RTL reporters Floor Bremer and Frits Wester swapped the hallways of The Hague for the streets of the Nijmegen Four-Day Marches in 2018. For four days, a live stream of the couple’s walk could be followed.

Floor and Frits scoured the streets of The Hague for people willing to share their thoughts on politics, the role it plays in their lives, and what they would like to see change in the city. Every day, a walking politician from one of the four major political parties accompanied them. They had chemistry, but it’s not clear if they are more than just colleagues.


Ria Bremer was born in the Netherlands in 1939 and works as a journalist. Floor Bremer’s mother, Ria, has the same last name and a similar background, making it easy to assume that she is Ria’s mother. Because no DNA test was required, it has been determined that Ria and Floor Bremer are unrelated. Ria Bremer only has three sons.

For the most part, we are familiar with Floor Bremer because of her professional and frequently sombre appearances on television. In the TV studio, she always wears a suit. You may not have known that Floor hangs that suit back in the closet and swaps it for a sporty outfit in her spare time.

In her spare time, Floor likes to take long walks while dazed. Since 2014, she has been participating in the Four-Day Marches. When it comes to her other passion, surfing, she’s back in the same tight suit! Floor, 36, in a wetsuit? Who would have thought?

When it comes to interviewing politicians, Floor Bremer is like a fish in water. However, she once admitted that it can be difficult to interview some politicians. According to Floor, Mark Rutte is a particularly difficult interlocutor. In her estimation, he’s a master of evasion. While finishing up the editing process, Floor discovers that she never got any real answers to her questions. When it comes to subject matter, his methodical approach is almost mathematical. An irritated political reporter says: “Really striking.

After all of Floor’s TV appearances, do you still crave more of her wit and charm? If that’s the case, you’re probably following someone on Twitter. It’s no secret that Floor Bremer is a frequent tweeter. On a daily basis, she provides updates on political developments.

She can be a bit of a loose cannon from time to time. Over the course of her nearly 20,000-strong Twitter following, Floor has received a mix of supportive and critical remarks. When she sat next to Jinek at the table with a crooked face while comedian Martijn Koning gave his now infamous Baudet speech, she paid the price.

Floor Bremer, despite Twitter’s status as a’social media’ platform, does not use it for her social interactions. On Twitter, she maintains a professional demeanour as well!

Floor bremer moeder
Floor bremer moeder