Famke louise leeftijd
Famke louise leeftijd

Famke louise leeftijd /\ Famke Louise Meijer, also known as Famke Louise, is an Amsterdam-based YouTuber, model, and singer. She appeared in the 19th season of Expeditie Robinson, a Dutch television series.

Meijer began focusing on her singing career around the end of 2017. She released the single “Op Me Monnie” (Dutch/Surinamese mixed slang for “I’m on my Paper/ On my Money”) in November 2017, which got national media attention in the Netherlands on many occasions.

Meijer followed up with the songs “Vroom” and “Lit.” In March 2018, she collaborated with rapper Ronnie Flex on the tune “Fan.” Within one day, the song had one million streams and was at the top of the Dutch Single Top 100 chart.

Following that, Meijer released a number of singles, including “Evoluatie,” “High,” “Slangen” (Snakes), and “Zonder Jou.” (In the Absence of You) Meijer collaborated with Dutch rappers Ronnie Flex, Idaly, and Bizzey on the single “Wine Slow (Remix)” in June 2018.

From late 2017 through November 2018, rapper Bizzey served as Meijer’s manager, assisting her with the start of her career.

Famke Louise Meijer’s full name is Famke Louise Meijer, and she is a singer, vlogger, and model. The vocalist is currently 21 years old and is of Dutch ancestry.

Famke Louise is a Dutch actress who was born in Amsterdam and now lives in Almere. The singer rose to stardom as a YouTube vlogger before breaking out with her single “Op Me Monnie” in 2018.

Famke louise leeftijd

She then began filming beauty and fashion films as well as vlogging about her adventures. In 2017, the Dutch television series Models in Paris:

Het Echte Leven launched, in which she was mentored by the modelling world. Following the conclusion of the series, Meijer worked on picture shoots for a variety of Dutch periodicals.

Meijer began singing at the end of 2017 and hasn’t looked back since. She released the song “Op Me Monnie” in November 2017, which is a Dutch/Surinamese hybrid slang that translates to “I’m on my Paper/On my Money.”

The song attracted a lot of attention in the Netherlands’ national media, including a televised appearance.

Meijer was born in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. Meijer launched her own YouTube channel in February 2016 under the name Famke Louise. Famke Louise acquired her stage name once she became well-known.

Meijer began by making prank videos with a group of pals; several of her videos were deemed phoney. Meijer chose to erase all of her prior videos in response to the criticism.

She subsequently began vlogging and making videos on beauty and fashion. After appearing in the Dutch television series Models in Paris:

Het Echte Leven in 2017, where she was guided through the life of modelling, Meijer took part in picture sessions for several Dutch magazines.

Famke louise leeftijd
Famke louise leeftijd