Dochter piet paulusma
Dochter piet paulusma

Dochter piet paulusma /\ The weather forecaster Pieter Paulusma, also known as Pyt (Piet), hails from The Netherlands.

Piet Paulusma began his professional career at the PTT, which is now known as KPN, shortly after graduating high school.

The company provided him with a variety of training opportunities, including people work, and eventually landed him a management position with HBO.

It was with Omrop Fryslân that he made his radio debut in the role of weather forecaster. Several years later, Paulusma continues to forecast the weather every day for Omrop Fryslân on television and on RTV Noord, where he is now seen and heard once every two weeks, as well as for Omrop Fryslân radio.

During a course at the Teleac, he was introduced to the field of meteorology and the study of natural phenomena.

As an additional measure of self-study, Paulusma has been under scientific observation for a period spanning nearly a decade. He was portrayed as a weatherman in the film Plop and the Penguin.

Due to an abrupt obstruction of his big intestine, weatherman Piet Paulusma (61) ended himself in the hospital last summer. SBS6 broadcaster Piet’s weather forecast was presented by his daughter Martsje (37) who took over from her father.

Dochter piet paulusma
Dochter piet paulusma

Mr. Piet Paulusma is arguably the most well-known (and, more importantly, the most enthusiastic) weather forecaster in the Netherlands.

By presenting in his own unique way, he has captured the hearts of the Dutch. Whether Piet predicts rain or shine, he is always equally inspired, and the final track, “Oant moarn,” makes us joyful every time.

Announcing his departure from SBS 6 after 23 years, the weatherman says goodbye. Omroep Max will be his next employer.

Reporter Jordi Versteegden inquires as to whether he has aspirations to offer other shows in addition to the weather. He replies that he does not.

The two of them were schoolmates at the time.’ When Rosita’s mother relocated to Drenthe and she expressed a desire to remain in Friesland as a teenager, she came to live with us in the Netherlands.

Piet writes in the weekly magazine Libelle that she “always goes on vacation with her boyfriend and three children.” As much as possible, the weatherman likes to see all of his children.

Dochter piet paulusma
Dochter piet paulusma

This is something that happens on a daily basis with Piet’s daughter Martsje, who serves as his private assistant. After his divorce from their mother Joke, he moves into an empty house in Harlingen, which was previously the mayor’s household.

He does this because he is unmarried. But, as Piet says in the interview, he is able to cope with it. It doesn’t bother me at all to be alone because I have my children, excellent friends, and a comfortable home.

During the weekends, he can often be spotted in his daughter Boukje’s café Oant Moarn, which was named after his regular farewell greeting on TV. Even though he sees her once a week, there is always a night out at a bar between visits.

Fortunately, Piet Paulusma received some good news today. In the wake of his firing from SBS 6, he will now work for the Public Broadcasting Service.

It appears that the born Frisian will be working for Omroep Max, despite his claim that he has not yet signed a contract with the company.

With four children, Piet will be 63 years old before the end of the month. Between now and then, it appears that Martsje, the daughter, will take over as the family’s sole heir.

The weather forecast for Omroep Fryslan is now being presented by her.