Dexter van der voorn leeftijd
Dexter van der voorn leeftijd

Dexter van der voorn leeftijd /\ Eva Jinek is a journalist and television presenter from the Netherlands who lives in the United States with her family.

Because of her work as a co-host of the NOS show ‘Amerika Kiest’ (America Votes), which was broadcast from the Netherlands on November 4th and 5th, 2008, she has become well-known for her coverage of the United States presidential elections.

The Occidental Restaurant, near the White House, was where she and Philip Freriks were reporting live from. “The last few weeks before the broadcast, Amerika Kiest completely consumed my life, at times even 24 hours a day,”

Jinek explained to TV guide Mikro Gids about the preparation for the show. The thought of that made me jittery. When I looked around, it seemed like everyone was staring.

“Oh my god, please let me perform well,” I thought. This is fantastic!” It is necessary to cite.

On Monday afternoons, Eva Jinek brightens the mood by sharing the exciting news that she is expecting her first child on social media.

She jokes on Instagram that she has been’secretly performing duo presentations’ lately, which she describes as “secretly doing duo presentations.”

Dexter van der voorn leeftijd
Dexter van der voorn leeftijd

Former lawyer Bram Moszcoviz and biologist Freek Vonk were both involved with presenter Eva Jinek in the past, but her current relationship is less well-known than her previous romances.

In spite of this, the American-born woman ran into her ex-boyfriend in the world of television once again.

Her buddy Dexter van der Voorn is a production manager with whom she collaborated on the television series The United States of Eva.

Following the recording sessions, the couple was frequently spotted around Amsterdam, making it difficult to keep their relationship a secret for long.

The pair received exciting news only six months after they began dating: Eva is expecting a child!! The 39-year-old talk show personality is expecting her first child.

Dexter van Voorn, Eva Jinek’s lover and Dexter van Voorn’s father, we assume, is the father.

The management of Jinek does not like to comment on this ‘private affair,’ but they do state that ‘it is not accurate that the marriage took place immediately before the purchase of the property.’.

In fact, there isn’t much of a legal distinction between a marriage and a legally recognised partnership. Although it is required to say yes when getting married, this is not the case when you are registering your marriage

. Apart from that, the partners have a number of rights and obligations towards one another, just as married individuals do, and they automatically acquire parental authority over any children they have together.

Dexter van der voorn leeftijd
Dexter van der voorn leeftijd

Additionally, Dexter’s ex-girlfriend is said to be a prostitute in Dubai, according to the tale. After Dexter and B. split up, the source said, “she found work as a prostitute in Dubai.

” For months, I had been having doubts about the images that B. had been posting on social media, and I just found out about it through a friend.

During her time in Ibiza, she appeared to do nothing except party and sunbathe at the most opulent beach bars. Because of this, I was not surprised to hear that she was on a prostitution website in Dubai after doing some research.

Eve was not brought up in a religious environment, despite the fact that her kid has religious names. ,,However, the frameworks in which I was raised are not unlike from those of religious people.

How I should connect to my parents, my brother, my coworkers, and the rest of society have all been taught to me over the course of my education.

Regarding this, my parents have provided a great deal of clarity.

It is difficult for me to distinguish between persons who were reared religiously and those who were not,” she said in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Nederlands Dagblad last year. “I actually just notice similarities,” she said.