Carrie ten napel ziek
Carrie ten napel ziek

Carrie ten napel ziek /\ Catharina Eline (Carrie) ten Napel is a sports journalist and broadcaster based in the Netherlands. Her father’s name is Evert ten Napel, and she is his daughter.

Ten Napel graduated from the RSG Slingerbos and then went on to complete a higher vocational education in tourism in Amsterdam before beginning her career as a sports editor for TV Oost in Amsterdam.

She returned to the station four years later to host Sport op Monday and, later, for six years, the daily programme En Dan Nog Even Dit.

She appeared on TV Gelderland to present Club friends, which she co-hosted with her father Sparren. She conducted interviews for Tien, which eventually became RTL 4, as part of the programme De Competitions.

She began working for Fox Netherlands in the summer of 2013, where she was one of the regular presenters of the daily show FOX Sport Centraal, which aired on television. After one season, this programme was no longer on the air.

Ten Napel joined Omroep MAX in the autumn of 2014 to co-host the programme Hallo Nederland with Jeroen latinahouwers, which was broadcast on the station’s main channel.

As a (co)presenter of De Perstribune, Ten Napel had her radio debut on NPO Radio 1 on September 9, 2018, marking her debut in the Netherlands. Furthermore, she appears as a co-presenter on the Droomhuis Gezocht programme, alongside Sybrand Niessen, which can be viewed on Dutch television.

It was around this time that she presented the programOn the road: Dolmen Highway in the province of Drenthe, which was her father’s home province.

In collaboration with Charles Groenhuijsen, Ten Napel has been presenting the television current affairs show Op1 since 2020. Ten Napel worked as a reporter for the live television show Scrooge Live in the years 2020 and 2021.

At the time of the occurrence, I was four years old,” says the child. Henk-Jan was around two years old at the time of the incident. During the day, we stayed with relatives in Roermond while Dad went to work at PSV stadium.

Carrie ten napel ziek

Henk-Jan had been feeling unwell the day before. When Mama woke up the next morning, he was found dead in his bed.”

Michiel Teeling and Carrie ten Napel have been acquainted for many years and have developed a close friendship. In the first year of their marriage, they had two children: son Pim and his younger sister Lotte, who is two years younger than Pim.

They are now expecting a third child. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, Carrie once characterised herself as a “true mother hen.”

When Michiel Teeling’s daughter Lotte was three months old, he and his fiancée Carrie ten Napel returned to their hometown of Ermelo, where they had grown up together.

For the first time in a long time, I had a sense of responsibility: it’s no longer just about me; it’s also about the kids.”

Years later, Carrie determined that the traumatic occurrence had continued to affect her so severely that she wanted to speak with someone.

I went through EMDR therapy at a later age because I was suffering from separation anxiety; I had to return to that morning on a regular basis.

Due to the fact that my parents were unable to communicate well, they showed me the vacant bed.

The presenter claims that she was unable to grasp that Henk-Jan was no longer alive.,,After that, I realised that I needed to keep loved ones near to me.

I couldn’t bear the thought of staying anyplace else. “The treatment helped to alleviate my anxiety over losing someone.”

Her dread of losing her own children returned after she had children of her own, but she is now attempting to let it go. “I have to realise that death is an inevitable aspect of our existence.”

Carrie ten napel ziek
Carrie ten napel ziek