Breghje kommers leeftijd
Breghje kommers leeftijd

Breghje kommers leeftijd /\ Ali Bouali, better known by his stage name Ali B, is a Dutch rapper.

He’s one of the most well-known rappers in the Netherlands, and he’s shared the stage with Akon and Marco Borsato. He made an Arab Remix of Akon’s song “Ghetto” in 2007.

He is regarded as a key player in inter-ethnic relations in the Netherlands.

In 2011, he was awarded his own television show, Ali B op volle toeren, which encourages emerging rappers and (known) musicians from other genres to record cover-versions of each other’s songs for broadcast on TROS.

Ali B was a coach on The Voice of Holland (replacing Roel van Velzen) and The Voice Kids from 2013 to 2022. (replacing Nick & Simon).

Ali B collaborated with long-time collaborator Brace and chart-topping reggae musician Kenny B on a single in 2016.

He made his acting debut in the Belgian film Patser’ in 2017, with a premiere in early 2018.

Ali Bouali, better known by his stage name Ali B, was born in Zaanstad, Netherlands, on October 16, 1981. Ali moved to De Pijp, Amsterdam, when he was two years old, and then to Amsterdam-East, where he grew up.

Breghje kommers leeftijd

He has Moroccan ancestors on both sides of his family. Ali was addicted to gambling and smoking when he was younger, and he was also involved in illicit activities.

He relocated to Almere with his mother when he was fourteen, where he changed his life and began to seek solace in rapping and Islam.

There are few photographs of her, and when there are, they are of her as Ali B.’s wife (and the mother of his children). Breghje Kommers, on the other hand, is the man behind the famous Dutch hip-hop performers.

And it’s his wife who speaks for ‘Ali B’s management.’ He is represented by her. Not just him, but also other hip-hop musicians, the most successful of them is Boef.

She also represents Najib Amhali, a comedian, as well as artists and vloggers like Famke Louise and Monica Geuze. In a nutshell, she is a formidable woman who is largely unknown. She was played by the FD.

Ali Bouali married Breghje in 2006. Together with Frans Barendse and Stanley Bish, she runs the management firm SPEC.

The firm began hosting hip-hop events and festivals in 2000. Ali B was signed once it grew into a management firm. After some time, the rapper became a partner in the company in this fashion.

Bouali’s boyhood friend Hakim Mokhtari once told FD Personal, “Breghje is Ali’s rescuer, his foundation.” Bouali’s life was in shambles before he met Kommers in 2002. He had a drug problem, was a gambler, and was in debt.

He had interacted with the wrong types as a child, and there was no one at home to guide him in the correct route. His brother was frequently absent, his mother worked long hours, and he was unable to communicate with his father.

Breghje kommers leeftijd
Breghje kommers leeftijd