Breghje kommers afkomst
Breghje kommers afkomst

Breghje kommers afkomst /\ Ali B, real name Ali Bouali, is a Moroccan-born Dutch rapper, presenter, jury member, and entrepreneur.

He runs a SPEC, a management office, and Trifecta, a record label with songs by Framke Louise and Jiri11, among others, with his wife Breghje Kommers. He was born in Zaandam on October 16, 1981.

At the age of two, the rapper relocated to Amsterdam Pijp and then to Amsterdam East. Ali B had a gambling problem and was addicted to smoking pot since he was in desperate need of cash and was involved in illicit activities.

He began rapping and performing in talent showcases on the street. With the song “Wat Zou Je Doen,” which he co-wrote with Marco Borsato in 2004, the rapper broke through.

Classics such as “Ik Ben Je Zat” and “Lijpe Mocro Flavor” quickly followed. Cuddly Moroccan was his nickname, and he was a popular visitor on Dutch television.

Nowadays, we see the rapper on shows like The Voice and We Want More as a jury member.

As a result of the incident surrounding The Voice of Holland, a relationship may still be on the rocks. According to the juice channel reality.

fbi, Ali B may have requested that his bank prevent Breghje’s access to his banking records. The juice channel does not specify from which source it acquired this information…
Breghje kommers afkomst

According to what is known, the rapper was previously accused of sexually transgressive behaviour and power abuse in the programme The Voice of Holland.

The Public Prosecution Service is now investigating this report, however it is unclear whether it is being examined. The accusation is categorically denied by the accused.

Ali B is under fire after women accused him of sexual abuse on the web programme Boos. It’s particularly painful because the artist had long been recognised as a kind bridge builder and passionate opponent of bigotry.

The relationship between RTL and Ali B has been put on hold for the time being, according to the broadcaster. That will teach him a lesson.

The cuddly Moroccan’s birthday is tomorrow, but things aren’t looking well for him. His lawyer stated, “He completely disagrees that he committed any criminal offence.

” As a result, there’s a chance he’ll stay in his hiding place for a bit longer.

There had already been a report of inappropriate behaviour directed at coach in the TV show, purportedly from a former contestant.

A second report has been added, but the BOOS broadcast is still scheduled for tomorrow. RTL, as well as his wife, wants a divorce.

Breghje kommers afkomst
Breghje kommers afkomst