Aaron blommaert vriendin
Aaron blommaert vriendin

Aaron blommaert vriendin /\ Aaron Blommaert is a Belgian actor, singer, and (radio) host who was born in Brussels.

As lead vocalist of the band BOBBY, he is perhaps most known for his portrayal of Raven, the prodigal son of Lars De Wulf, in the film Familie.

In the youth television series 4eVeR, Blommaert starred as one of the series’ main characters between 2017 and 2019. Robin Declerq was the character he played.

From the DvM Humaniora in Aalst, where he studied Economics-Languages, Aaron Blommaert will receive his bachelor’s degree in 2020.

Blommaert has been a member of BOBBY, a new boy band formed by Les Flamands – a firm comprised of Miguel Wiels, Peter van de Veire, and Niels Destadsbader – since the beginning of 2019.

In addition to Blommaert, the group also features Simon Eeraerts, Ryan Joostens, Ruben Degroote, and Brecht Gurny. They have already released numerous songs, including Hey don’t you know and Together.

This past summer, they collaborated with Dina Ayada and Chapter Two to record their most recent single, a version of the renowned tune from the High School Musical films.

The song was chosen as the theme music for Marathonradio on radio station MNM, and it went on to become MNM Big Hit after a few years.

The most recent track is titled Best Times. The song will be released on November 27, 2020, according to the official release date.

Blommaert has been starring in the television series Familie since 2020, in which he portrays Raven, the son of Lars, who is played by Kurt Rogier

Aaron Blommaert and Gloria Monserez would be attending the event. She just took part in the reality show ‘De Slimste Mens.’

Aaron blommaert vriendin

Aaron states in “Hello Everyone” that he does not wish to discuss his personal life with others. Despite the fact that he wishes to mention something about Gloria momentarily.

In his words, “It’s nice to see Gloria in action.” She also performed an excellent job in the film ‘De Slimste Mens,'” says the critic.

As a result, we won’t be hearing much from Aaron about his personal life in the future. It is a decision that should be respected by everyone.

Aaron Blommaert, the actor who starred in the television series Family, is a rising star in Flemish showbiz. Additionally, he will be seen this summer as the host of the Dutch television show ‘Tien Om Te Zien’, in addition to his part as Raven in ‘Familie.

Aaron Blommaert will almost probably make an appearance on our television screens in the future. ‘Lotte goes deep’ is a podcast hosted by Lotte Vanwezemael, in which he speaks frankly about love, sex, and romantic relationships.

When Lotte inquires as to how someone is doing in a relationship, he responds by stating that he is a people pleaser. He claims that he is continuously striving to be liked by others. With him, there would also be a lot of intense feelings of infatuation.

On MNM, Aaron Blommaert appears in the episode titled “Lotte Goes Deep.” “All of the women I’ve had have been far older than me.” Despite the fact that age does not appear to be the only factor that matters to the Family actor.

“I don’t necessarily want to be a BV in the future, but having a passion for my career is crucial,” Aaron Blommaert acknowledges. “Let’s say I’m forced to kiss my opponent.

Those who are naturally envious may find this to be a stumbling block in their lives. “That was something a former buddy of mine had a really difficult time with.”

Aaron blommaert vriendin
Aaron blommaert vriendin